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Dear Friends:

The KCSA project is the first nongovernmental and non-commercial space project in China. Its goal is to enable space travelling for amateur, while catching up the world leading nations in amateur rocket & satellite technology, and to push the popularization of space science forward.

Click the link above to read about the goals and ideas of this project in detail.


The money will be mainly used by the KCSA project in purchasing/building devices for experiment; mechanical processing; eletrical parts designing and setting up; consumptive materials. No members of the project will be paid, and of course, the money will not be assigned to any specific person. The space project demands resources of many kinds. They could be relatively expensive, which we group of amateurs cant easily afford even after reduced a lot by our money-saving designs. We need your help to continue this project.

Many of our participants are students, some even junior students. From them we gained a lot of creative ideas, designs and solutions. We don’t suggest students to donate, but feel free if you have stable incoming.


BTW, the devices, processes and materials required for the KCSA project are of great variance, which is not a good idea to prepare them all on our own. It would be very kind of you if you can support us with anything above.


There is no limit to your donation. You can choose from bank account transfer, remittance and Zhifubao(alipay) transfer.

Please contact Liu Hu +86-028-81928955 after your transfer /remittance.

For further information/support, contact Liu Hu +86-028-81928955.


All donations will be recorded and will be published. All data gained, analysis and technical details of this project(except for some of the fuel technology that is considered too dangerous to the public) are open-source.


银行帐号(bank accounts)

农业银行四川省分行成都光华支行南巷子分理处(Agricultural Bank of China),95599 8046 25210 20711,刘虎 Liu Hu。



bbs#kechuang.org(其中#代表@)(# represents @)


bbs#kechuang.org(# represents @)

请保管好汇款凭据。Please keep your remittance/transfer receipt.


KCSA is not an officially registered organization. All of it’s announcements and explainations to the project are results of democratic consultation.


Thanks to everyone who support the KCSA project!



KCSA, 1st May 2011


click the link below for The rules of the manangement of donation


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